Converge ICT is the fastest growing fiber internet and other digital consumer-centric services provider in the country today. The premium products and services we offer run through the first pure end-to-end fiber internet network in the country.


Providing world-class ICT services to the Filipinos by being ISO and CE2。0 Certified。

Our commitment is to provide pure end-to-end fiber internet connection – from our network facilities to your home. Ensuring no loss in data transmission or slowdown in internet connectivity. This means greater speed and bandwidth only capable with Optical Fiber wires, all the way.


To ensure delivery of premium service, we have partnered with pre-eminent telecommunications brands from all over the world.



"If you believe in something, that belief will be acknowledged and eventually what you want to happen, will happen. Yan ang nasa isip ko when I decided to go to Converge and applied June 29, 2017. Nung una, it was too good to be true having fiber internet na pasok sa budget pero nagtiwala ako. Continue Reading

Michael "Captain Mike" Quintana BPO Employee for 15 years, Aspiring vlogger/Game streamer

"The best thing about Converge is having a very stable internet. Plus, the after sales support is superb. Every time we encounter any problems, we don't have to talk to a robot on the phone. Our line of work is very dependent on the internet. Everything in our business revolves around it. When I signed Continue Reading

Vincent Co Founder - Trendsetter, Travel Sale Fair & Toast Celebrations Fair

"To be able to ensure effective delivery of lessons in my class, I must continuously strive to be updated in all aspects of education. From the finer points of topic discussions to the bigger evaluations of real-life applications, I must be able to keep up with the ever-changing times. One tool that allows me to Continue Reading

Alvin Neil Gutierrez Educator, Award Winning Toastmaster Speaker

"My family and I are heavy internet users be it at home or on the move. Switching to Converge is a real game changer since it provides a fast and reliable internet speed which enables us to use all our devices at the same time. My husband and I get so much work done since Continue Reading

Bunny Lim Entrepreneur, Owner of LA Bakeshop, Pampanga

"Ever since I switched to Converge, I’ve been enjoying a more productive and efficient lifestyle with both work and play! Especially as a multi-media practitioner and as your regular digital-savvy millennial, I love experiencing the difference of much better Internet speed—whether it’s producing and sharing content on my online platforms, or consuming my share of Continue Reading

JANEENA CHAN Celebrity, Vlogger, Host

"I love my own small business so much & I’m really proud to have built something on my own。 That’s why I’m so thankful with Converge iBiz。 Having fiber connection has made my business more efficient, more productive and, more importantly, more profitable!"

NORMA ALMARION Businesswoman

Want to know who is the team behind the Fiber Revolution that is changing the way Filipinos experience internet? 

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