Q: I am just a new subscriber of Plan 2500 / Plan 3500. Is there a minimum subscription period to enjoy the new speed?
A: No minimum period of subscription is required. All existing subscribers of Plan 2500 and 3500 are all qualified for the speed upgrade.

Q: I am not yet a Converge ICT subscriber. Will I get the new speed if I subscribe to Plan 2500 or Plan 3500?
A: Yes. The new subscribers will automatically enjoy the new speed.

Q: Is there a one-time charge for availing this?
A: No, this is absolutely no cost to our customer。

Q: Upon getting the new speed, will my subscription undergo re-lock in?
A: No re-lock in is required.

Q: I am an existing 1500 subscriber. If I upgrade to Plan 2500, will the new speed be automatically applied?
A: Yes.

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